About ABC

About ABC

Daily's orange juice was originally made from
oranges squeezed by the company's owners themselves.

Founded as Daily Orange Juice Company, Inc. in 1960, American Beverage Corporation (ABC) began as a small company that manufactured and delivered orange juice products door-to-door in the Pittsburgh suburb of Verona, PA. As other juice flavors were added, the company name was changed to Daily Juice Products.

ABC is still headquartered in Verona, PA, but over the past 50 years, we have grown to become a multi-million dollar manufacturer and marketer of ready to drink cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktail mixers and fruit drinks. Our brands include Daily's Cocktails, Little Hug Fruit Barrels, Big Hug, and Guzzler and are nationally distributed in grocery, drug, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs and liquor stores. We also sell Daily's Cocktails products through food service distributors to bars and restaurants.

All ABC employees are committed to total customer satisfaction and are dedicated to the continuous innovation and improvement of our products and operating systems. With manufacturing facilities in Verona, PA and Phoenix, AZ, ABC maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing including bottle blow molding expertise.


Sustainable Forestry InitiativeAmerican Beverage Corporation is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment and we have implemented a number of sustainability policies and initiatives. We rigorously comply with all local, state and federal governmental regulations while employing state-of-the-art technology to help manage and sustain our resources and reduce waste.

  • ABC recycles all paper, plastic, corrugate and metal scrap, along with incoming packaging containers to reduce trash in our landfills.
  • All ABC bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • ABC participates in an electric program that not only aids the environment, but also helps protect our community from brown outs and black outs and helps stabilize electric rates.
  • All ABC packaging suppliers participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), where members agree to use environmentally responsible practices that promote the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, water, biodiversity, and air quality; while perpetuating the growing and harvesting of trees.
  • ABC has a rigorous charitable donation program to reduce the waste of products that while fit for consumption, have shorter than standard expiry or do not meet our high standard for packaging. Rather than throw out products with cosmetic packaging flaws, we donate them to various charities.